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During our four years at DHS, we all had many teachers. There were teachers that we really enjoyed, and some that we just couldn't wait to get out of their classes. For this discussion, I want you to think back to your favorite teacher: who inspired you, really cared about you and other students, made an impact, etc. We will have a list of the top teachers that are picked. 

                                                                   Top Teachers so far:  

                                                            Mr. Willard, Mr. Boyer, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Wiltz, Mr. Jordan


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12/25/11 10:36 PM #1    

Janice Gerdes (Keith)

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01/23/12 04:25 PM #2    

Carol Carr (Martin)

Mrs. Martin - English

Mr. Jordan - American History

Mr. McCarthy - History

Kirby Knudson - Hated me because I got my license before we started driving.

We were very lucky, there were alot of great teachers when we were in high school.

01/30/12 10:06 AM #3    

Janice Gerdes (Keith)

I really liked Mr. Jordan also. 

02/03/12 06:17 PM #4    

Paula Benell

Mr. Willard was entertaining, talking to us about other things besides classwork.

Mr. Wiltz drove us hard, but not in a condescending way, so you really wanted to do better.


02/04/12 09:40 AM #5    

Steve Gardner

Dick Boyer


02/06/12 03:32 PM #6    


Cassie Hinkle (Noone)

Merlin Willard-the best without question!

Mr. McCarthy--loved those debates in his class about current history. Tough guy, but sure did like him

02/14/12 09:10 PM #7    


Diane Dempsey (Shehorn-Schnake)

Ms. Rowe and Mr. Boyer

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